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I understand, though -fidgets shyly- I’ve always been able to express my admiration and other emotions through artwork more so than with words. I fear if I speak or type something, it will turn out bad :( I’ve adored your art for a while now, Yen-cat, Shadow especially :) But I’ve done so as a quiet fan who is nervous to express it until now -shrugs- 

Talking with such amazing artists like you gets me so nervous that I usually can’t speak correctly. But one thing is for sure; I  try my best not to offend/annoy/tick off the people I love following :)


daww… it’s alright = v = i do really like your character so cute and shy! i’m a shy one myself! Harhar! I… personally the type that can’t say anything nice LOL (cough) I just speechless most of the time too!  So hearing such comment is.. just gfhsruirghituhguitdhtdhdthdt THANK yOU! for admiring me ;; v ;;/ sobsob


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