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★ Button are $2.00 USD each / Full Set of 15 are $25.00 USD
★ Buy full set get 1 A5 print (croquette) free
★ Paypal 
★ Moneymail/ Send me RL money on mail 
(Info at the left side end of the page of the store) 

★ $1.00 USD for Int’l
★ $0.40 USD for SG
★ All preorder will be ship on May

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Jundoge Enoshiba's Pokeplush giveaway!!






  • You don’t have to be following me! But if you do thats hella cool!
  • One winner only!!
  • ONE Reblog and ONE Like. No more!


The Winner gets NINE pokemon plushies!

  1. The three Kalos Starters!
  2. Three of the Five Mega-Evolution plushies!
  3. Three Eeveelutions!…

I felt so fat…

So what’s your weight? 

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To All My Commissioner

Just a note to all that commission me on chibis and etc! 

I’ll have all commission hold till after next week.

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kazierue: EEEEE I love your art style too much! What I admire about is is that your style can be pretty simple but at the same time really detailed! I really love how you draw your characters cause its rather unique! The moment I see one of your works I can tell its yours. hehe~

oh wow…. Thank you! it was so nice of you to sharing with me ;; v ;; I really glad you think my character is rather unique xD……………………. just be looking at one of my drawing you can tell it’s mine?… really? LOL makes me want to look through all my art works now. 

Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

heres me playing with colors. I bet i over did it. My oc piu!

Remember Chimchar Sol, and Azure Mawile?

The owner of those two buddies team, is now having art trade with (human/anime) drawings. So don’t ask her for pokemon. But you can try. Mostly she draw are anime/human related stuff.


and go drop by and say hi. Don’t say it’s from me, Kk /weeee///


My twitter is : yen-cat or yen_cat… idk/weeps, trying to stay alive..