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shoe-yawn: Heyyy! This may come off as strange but it's great knowing a fellow famous Singaporean artist on deviantart! It's almost amazing how you're able to dedicate so much time on art (to improve yourself, while juggling with the stress of college(?) or university?) It's pretty admirable, especially since Singapore is so economically driven and focuses so much more on the academic aspects ;u; <speaking as a fellow Singaporean myself> How do you manage? I hope you don't mind sharing!

LOL famous, wow no way…. .. Yeah i do agree Singapore are more towards those. Consider Singapore was born as a economically country……

..Hmm.. There is nothing much i could explain though. It’s pretty straightforward. Time management is your key. Always take down the urgent stuff. Learn to tell how long you need to finish them. If you have free time. Just Draw your own thing! Spend your free time to draw, if you want to. Like after work, or school. Or even in between breaks, treat them as warm-up drawing. Art is about time afterall.  If you can’t finish it today, do it tomorrow. No point rushing xD unless it’s work/homework than yes, please do those first.  

selfie draw… hmm. //same expression

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Me and my buds in recording room! And this happen…. The owl’s me, they bullying me ;; 7 ;;/  //recommend use headphone?// its very soft.

If you don’t understand, basically, there’s only two seat, and they’re pointing at the broken chair, another is the tall look like some owl’s stand-

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see you at EOY today and tomorrow!

I’M GONNA CRY, BECAUSE I CAN’T STALK EE’s group chat, until next weekend!!

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— Anonymous: Curious Anon: Do you ever find yourself hugging/ crossing your legs when drawing?

…Nope. I put my leg on the table when i draw. 

I forgot this, his stupid image when wake up right off bed. What a mess.. 

Ryan spam part 2…

sorry.. i suppose to do EOY and SCH Project OTL…. //BUT A LITTLE FREETIME IS ACCEPTABLE RIGHT!?

Love-sandwich group on DA! This is my bread and neo design me my bby twin u q u

Their cherry jam/sauce with mango slice.

" their as sweet as mango, and behind your back they pour sour that destory your bread. "

Their so precious and no im nt joining u 3 u for fun.

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