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I forgot this, his stupid image when wake up right off bed. What a mess.. 

Ryan spam part 2…

sorry.. i suppose to do EOY and SCH Project OTL…. //BUT A LITTLE FREETIME IS ACCEPTABLE RIGHT!?

Love-sandwich group on DA! This is my bread and neo design me my bby twin u q u

Their cherry jam/sauce with mango slice.

" their as sweet as mango, and behind your back they pour sour that destory your bread. "

Their so precious and no im nt joining u 3 u for fun.

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The Ami Koshimizu & Ryoka Yuzuki Panel from Anime Expo 2014

New create OC Ryan \0/ 

I like how New generation, took stuff for granted.

and treat our gen or ideas a junk. 

i mean.. without us giving tutorials of how to even do a thing, they won’t even know a shit. 

It’s like 2D is our grandfather thats the reason why we had 3D now. and now you saying 2D’s a junk… what?

Im out of here with this new heartless era.

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I hate my inconsistent drawing style



sometimes it’s like this


and other times it’s like this:


there is no in between… :[

I BOUGHT TAKANE! at cosfest! hehe <3 



out of fun amg. I need to practice colors…. looks like chips instead. /weeps

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